Top Ten Tips – Oats

Top Ten Tips – Oats
Try to eat atleast  some delicious oats every day in your daily life  for great nutritional benefits. These are  our top ten tips for getting more oats into your diet – it’s surprisingly easy!
1.    Tuck into a bowl of the  porridge topped with some quantity of  honey, yogurt or fruit for a delicious start to the day.
2.    Liven up your early  breakfast with some tasty muesli or granola served  along with milk or yogurt. Add an  extra colour, flavour and then  nutrients by topping with different nuts,fruits,  spices and seeds etc.
3.    Store a batch of  the rolled oat muesli in an air-tight jar, providing a quick, easy and  then filling breakfast that will help in  keeping  hunger pangs at bay for longer time  during the morning.
4.    Help to quash that mid-morning snack which attack by eating oats for your  breakfast. In case you do feel peckish before lunch, keep a stock of healthy snacks like oatcakes and fruit to your  hand.
5.    Don’t miss out on lunch time, choose some  sandwiches which are  made with oat bread and filled with the  lean meat, chicken/turkey, fish or a vegetarian option, and some salad vegetables etc. to provide you with an all-round healthy meal.
6.    Off to the gym after  your work? Remember  that to top-up your energy levels by eating a flapjack or an oat-based cookie.
7.    Oats are not  just for the  breakfast. Try to take  them in your evening meal also . Try to consume some  oatcake pancakes instead of these  pasta or potatoes, or top grilled fish such as salmon with the  oatmeal and  then  herbs.
8.    Do not go to bed  if you are  feeling hungry. Oatcakes and a milky drink can  make an ideal choice for a simple late-evening snack and could also help those who struggle to get to sleep.
9.    Swap in some oat flour to your bread, cake, pancake or muffin recipes for great texture and flavour.
10.  For a tasty and for  nutritious boost, thicken up  soups and  then stews with  the oats, or add a handful of oats to your smoothies or yogurts.

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